Picking up a Firearm from a Dealer:

Form 4473: Whether for long guns or hand guns, all transferring dealers are required to fill out an ATF Firearms Transfer Form 4473 for each single or multiple firearm purchase. This form collects not only your identification information, but also asks about your military discharge, record of arrest, involuntary commitment, drug use and many other issues that may delay or prevent you from passing the NICS check discussed below. If you have the slightest doubt about any such personal issues, speak with both TARYAG and the shipping FFL dealer BEFORE purchasing or shipping s firearm. If necessary, we can ask our ATF inspector for clarification. You can view the form here: ATF Form 4473, but this is FYI only; it must be completed at the point of transfer.

NICS Check: After the 4473 form is completed, the dealer is required to submit prospective firearm purchasers to an online NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) review. The information from your 4473 form is submitted to an online FBI records search and, if there are no outstanding issues, a “Proceed” response is usually issued within minutes. However, any irregularity may trigger a “Delay” or other negative response. If the NICS fails to issue a Proceed response, the firearms cannot be delivered until the issue is resolved.

NOTE: In the State of Texas, holders of handgun carry permits are NOT required to submit a NICS check to purchase one or multiple handguns, but a 4473 form is still required.

Shipping and Receiving Firearms:

Shipping Long Guns: Long guns can be shipped to TARYAG or directly between private parties within your state. Be sure to follow your carrier’s rules as well as the ATF regulations for shipping firearms.

Shipping Handguns from TARYAG: TARYAG will ship handguns only to other licensed FFL dealers. Please fill out the form below so that we can send them a copy of our FFL, which they will need before we can ship your firearm.

Shipping Handguns to TARYAG: Except for repairs, we will receive only handguns shipped from licensed FFL dealers. We must receive a graphic image of that dealer’s current FFL license before the item is shipped. Repaired handguns may be shipped only to an FFL dealer.

Transfer Fees: TARYAG charges a fee of $25 for transferring any firearm to a private purchaser unless sold by us. The fee covers the cost of labor for filing the necessary paperwork and storing the records for 10 years in accord with ATF requirements. Other dealers set their own prices, so it is best to agree on a fee before ordering a firearm from us.

Abandond Property: Transfers that have not been picked up within 30 days will incur a $25/month storage fee. Transfers that have not been picked up within 90 days, unless we have approved a longer timeframe in writing, will be considered abandoned and become the property of TARYAG, LLC.

FFL Transfer Form

If you wish to have a firearm shipped to us, fill out the form on this page. We will then send a copy of our FFL to the transferor – the business or person from whom you are acquiring the firearm. After you are notified by tracking that the firearm has arrived at our store, contact us to arrange for pickup. The store is open by appointment only. Allow up to 1/2 hour to complete the ATF Form 4473 and a NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) check, if required.