MantisX Shooting Performance System


Nothing compares to the Mantis X Shooting Performance System for improving your overall shooting skill! This system shows even the most experienced shooter how to improve trigger control, shot timing and placement, steadiness of aim and other critical components of shooting ability.

  • Train Smarter

    The MantisX smart sensor continuously tracks the movement of the firearm before, during, and after every shot. The MantisX smartphone app analyzes behavior, measures shot timing, gives feedback, and provides coaching to make sure every shot counts.

  • Train Everywhere

    MantisX works on pistols and rifles, at home and at the range, dry practice or live fire. Anywhere you train, MantisX can train with you.

MantisX Shooting Performance System includes:

  • MantisX smart sensor.
  • FREE MantisX app, for use on your iOS or Android smartphone/tablet. Supports Bluetooth 4.0
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • 45-day unlimited money back guarantee.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

No accessory rail?  Magazine floor plate rail adapters are available for most pistols.

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  • Shoot better with real-time, data-driven feedback
  • Attach to any pistol or rifle with a rail or rail adapter
  • Designed for live fire AND dry fire on your firearm
  • Evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time
  • Free app provides real-time feedback on shooting mechanics (iOS, Android)
Live fire, dry practice, CO2



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.380 Cal, .40 Cal, .45 Cal, 9 mm, .38 Spc


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