TARYAG Pistol Cartridge Loader

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If you’re an experienced pistol shooter, this pistol cartridge loader needs no introduction. You’ve probably already seen how guys like Hickock45 load up multiple magazines in seconds while looking at and talking to the camera.

If you haven’t used one before, you’ll be hooked the first time you try it – especially if you you’re loading new mags or mags with stiff springs to their full capacity, or have some arthritis in your hands. The OEM cartrodge loaders that come with Glocks, Sigs, etc. may be a bit better than nothing for occasional use, but they’re hopeless for a day at the range.

We also have an adapter for single-stack magazines like the 1911. It isn’t strictly necessary, but it’s certainly worth having if single-stack guns are all or mostly what you shoot. Be sure to see our SINGLE STACK ADAPTOR.

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  • Works with all sizes .380 through .45 cal.
  • Constructed of heavy-duty polymer
  • Loads single or double-stack magazines of any capacity


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