by Ann Y. Smith – NRA American Rifleman

What has become known as “The Ladies Pistol Project” (LPP)—an internal code name assigned to one of the largest examinations by American Rifleman of the burgeoning interest in handguns by women—began as a simple question: Are certain models of handguns, regularly purported as “female friendly,” really that? And what exactly defines that term?

If you are reading this, odds are you are a man. At least that’s what our demographic data suggests. If you are, we invite you to keep reading, because although the information contained in this article was created by and about women, it is particularly pertinent to male spouses, relatives, friends, pistol instructors, gun store clerks or any others associated with women and who may have introduced—or hope to introduce a woman—to target shooting or personal protection with a handgun.

What we learned corroborated some theories while debunking one of the most common schools of thought long perpetuated about what constitutes the ideal firearm for a woman. This knowledge, compiled from supervised and unbiased, hands-on assessments by amateur shooters—women like your mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, friends and customers—must be shared if we, as a nation of men and women, endeavor to continue to exercise the rights we enjoy under the protection of the Second Amendment…

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